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Personal wellness and that of the environment are intrinsically linked. We aim to bring wellness to visitors of wilderness areas while also promoting the wellness of our environment, especially our ever-shrinking wilderness areas.


With our Mobile Hideaway we deliver spa services at your doorstep. So no need to leave your home, we will come to your environment! If you do want to leave your home to come to us, you can visit us at the Lekkerwijn Farm Spa in Franshoek or at our spa at Lourensford Wine estate in Somerset West.  

For our treatments we use Healing Earth and for our nails Biosculpt


Please call or whatsapp 0691064419 or mail to contact us.

Our own wellness depends on the health of our environment.

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Face Yoga keeps the skin firm and smooth
Unfortunately this is not true. By repeated contraction of specific muscles in your face more wrinkles arise. The more you tighten certain muscles, the more it will be seen on the surface. There is no evidence for the claim that your face looks full and tight with face yoga. Loss of volume occurs over the years by the changing amount of collagen, elastin and fat in the skin, which will not be altered, with exercises.